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An Origami compatible folding mode for Emacs (1993)

This is a modification of Jamie Lokier's folding.el that I did around 1993. It recognizes files written by a then-current version of the Origami folding editor.

Do you need this?

Hmm, probably not. If you don't need compatibility with a 1993 version of the Origami folding editor, search for the latest version of the original folding.el and see if that works for you. It seems that a main line of folding.el development has remained as incompatible with Origami as ever, but adds lots of other features, including nice support for incremental search. Give it a try.


Download folding.el and place it on load-path. Then put the following in your .emacs:

;; In folding mode, C-c C-w means fold whole buffer. Outside
;; folding mode, it means enter folding mode. Essentially, it
;; will always fold the buffer.
(global-set-key "\C-c\C-w" 'folding-mode)
(autoload 'folding-mode "folding" "folding minor mode" t)

Now you should be able to enter folding mode with C-c C-w and read the mode's documentation with C-h m.

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